Thai Cuisine In A Nutshell

thai-restaurantThai food is getting more and more popular in Europe but it is still a new thing unlike Vietnamese or Chinese foods which have been around for a long time.

Thailand is known across the globe for its tropical beaches and lavish royal palaces. This Southeast Asian country makes its food a true world-class attraction. Thai food is very intricate, with a lot of attention devoted to the preparation to offer a specific aroma, taste, appearance and texture. Indulging on this rare cuisine leaves you with a compelling discovery.

Thais are very critical about the ingredients they use in their food preparation. Such ingredients are not only of high nutritional value, but are also medicinal. Just like most cuisines, Thai food involve a lot of things to realize perfection. They are made through a balanced combination of various elements and ingredients creating an appetizing taste, presentation and smell. Such complexities are what the Thais delight in. Anyway, it is because of such intricacies that Thai food becomes a worldwide hit.

The food from Thailand is among the most internationally recognized foods with its chili-hot feature. If not hot, a blend of various ingredients gives a harmonious combination of aroma and taste. It is a special type of cuisine that has developed through centuries with lots of Western and Eastern influences.

They say that once you tasted Thai food, it would be hard to refuse it. Many would fear that overeating these foods may contribute to unwanted weight gain. To avoid this, take some garcinia or other natural dietary supplement. Coincidentally garcinia cambogia is also from South East Asia, an area with many interesting herbs and spices. This is a good way to countering weight gain naturally.

History of Thai Food

Through centuries, herbs, plants together with aquatic animals have been the major ingredients of Thai food. In the past decades, Thais used large meat chunks on their dishes. Eventually, they started to use sizable meat chunks.

The traditional Thai cooking methods, namely: grilling, baking, and stewing have today been integrated with stir-frying, frying and deep frying courtesy of Chinese influence. Unlike most of the western cuisines, Thai food is not served in courses, but is served at once.

Thai curries are extraordinary which burn intensely, but only for a short period of time. This is such a nice contrast compared to other curries that have stronger and longer burning sensation.

An ideal Thai meal always consists of curry dish with loads of condiments, a soup, vegetables and a dip. If you do not like curries, you can pick spiced salad as a tasty, hearty alternative.

A Typical Thai Meal

An example of a typical Thai meal comprises of a steamed dish such as a curry sauce with mussels, a soup like pork stuffed in bitter melons, a hot salad such as beef slices placed on a bed of onions, chilies, lettuce, lemon juice and mint, a fish fried with ginger and a variety of sauces. Meals from Thailand are never complete without desserts. The main desserts are fresh fruits namely: mangoes, jackfruit, durian, melon, grapes and papaya.

How Thai Food Is Served When Ordered

Food from Thailand is eaten using a spoon and a fork. Knives are not necessary because their food is always cooked and served in bite-sized chunks and slices. Ideally, Thai food is eaten communally with at least two people sharing a meal. Less flavored dishes such as rice are eaten together with spicy dishes.

In a nutshell, food from Thailand amazingly combines tastes, aroma and presentation. They simply capture the eyes, the nose, and above all, the taste.


Some great places to visit in France

France is recognized for the beauty of its numerous sites. The Var is the most beautiful part of Provence writes The Telegraph about the destination in pole position for its ranking of thirty places to see before you die.

The comment is more than flattering to this part of southern France, the site also evokes the beauty of the turquoise waters of the Gorges du Verdon, the lavender fields, stone houses or hidden villages.

As for the Château de Chenonceau, it ranks ninth on this list. The journalist Anthony Peregrine speaks of perfection of the place. “Chenonceau reminds you why you admire France,” he wrote. Nicknamed the “Castle of the Ladies” because it was built by Katherine Briçonnet the sixteenth century, then modified and enlarged by Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Medici, he was one of the castles of the Loire. The wealth of its decoration (especially his paintings of great masters such as Rubens and Poussin), its furnishings and its collections makes it a unique site.

The furniture, paintings, ceilings, tapestries, and decorative elements are preserved, examined, and restored with the greatest care. The Correggio’s painting “The Education of Love” furniture, paintings, ceilings, tapestries and decoration are preserved, restored and checked with the greatest care. This year, the Correggio’s painting “The Education of Love”, located in Catherine de Médicis’ bedroom, has-been restored by Marc Philippe, regular restorer of the castle.

This painting on wood is the alternative to the one on canvas Kept at the National Gallery of London. The first steps for reviews towards the castle and the Tour des Marques is to visit the castle. A cleaning Has given back to the soft tufa Loire Valley its original color. Within the castle, a lightning view of the hall and the kitchens highlights the outstanding quality of the architecture and the magnificent vaults while the collection of ancient engravings showing the castle has-been brought out thanks to the renovation of its exhibition room.

At the thirteenth, the Sainte Chapelle, on the island of the City, in central Paris, charmed by its particular aesthetic and its stained glass windows that form a set of figurative scenes in 1113. This masterpiece of High Gothic, built in the thirteenth century by Saint Louis, celebrated in May, seven years of restoration. The Telegraph speaks of his “kaleidoscopic flashes of magenta, emerald green and royal blue.”

The Eiffel Tower is a monument that symbolizes France also among the sites to see. The Telegraph also attributes it the 22nd place, because according shines, you have to visit at least once, especially since it offers a view of “one of the most beautiful cities in the upper world” and mentions its glass floor, first floor.

Finally, Versailles is the fourth of the Hexagon website to have conquered the Anglo-Saxon site experts. “A colossal complex” whose strengths are, according to them, “the Hall of Mirrors, the gardens of Le Nôtre and the Queen’s Hamlet”. In early August, the Public Establishment of Versailles launched a tender for a hotel project on three buildings – Greater Control, Petit control and the Pavilion of the first hundred steps – vacant for seven years. The renovation of this area of 2800 square meters is estimated between four and seven million euros, not including interior fittings.

Not really surprising that France takes four places among the top thirty. After all France is the country with the most visitors in the entire world, and for good reasons, as it has so many marvels to share with out-of-towners and vacationers.


Best Night Spots in Amsterdam

amsterdamAmsterdam is one of the best places to party in all of Europe.

Of course, the city is famous for being reefer heaven, but there is so much more to it than pot brownies and getting high. This city is architecturally one of the most stunning in northern Europe. Its unique layout over the canals give it a Venice like charm. However, it is much bigger than the Italian city, and there are many more bikes than boats in Amsterdam. Everywhere you go there are people zooming in and out of traffic on their bicycles.

That said, Amsterdam is a unique city full of history and culture that cannot be found elsewhere. If you are looking for a chance to see how real Dutch people party, then you might be disappointed. Many like to host parties at home for their friends instead of going out. However, the following will point you in the direction of the hottest nightspots in town for both locals and tourists alike.

The Red Light District

The Red Light District is easily one of the most well known neighborhoods of this vibrant city. This is the infamous center of sexual desire and erotic fantasy. Anything you want to try is yours for taking at the right price. Most tourists visit the Red Light District to see the girls in the windows offering themselves to the highest bidder. However, it is possible to watch a live sex show or engage in private club.

It is hard to recommend any particular place because everyone’s sexual appetite is different. Thus, it is best for you to visit the area yourself to see if the night will be to your satisfaction. Of course, feel free to browse and move on to the next night club if you would rather watch from the sidelines than participate.

Coffee Shop Culture

Dutch coffee shop culture is unlike anything one would find in other parts of Europe and North America. The Netherlands are very lax about drug laws when it comes to marijuana. Thus, if you visit a “coffee shop” in Amsterdam, then you probably expect to buy some products laced with hash.

Tourists from all over the world flock to the world famous shops to partake in some smoking heaven. Dutch weed is often regarded as some of the most potent in the world. Many say the highs are unlike anything else, and a relaxing time at the coffee shops is a great way to spend an afternoon if this is your scene.

One of the best places to go is Bulldog. This famous coffee shop is regarded as the first of its kind. There are many spots dotted all over Amsterdam of this particular coffee shop chain. However, the most popular can be found in the Red Light District. This gives tourists who want to party in the seedy neighborhood without all sex a chance to see what it is like.

The Green House is another famous coffee shop that is on the tourist path that is also frequented by locals. It has an old world feel that has been visited by hundreds of famous celebrities from all over the globe. Its location near the train station make it ideal for those who want to smoke before hopping on a train back home.

The Amsterdam Club Scene

The Dutch might like their house parties, but they never say no to a great club outing. Some of the best nightlife is located around Rembrandt Square and the Leidseplein. You will find a good mix of dive bars playing live music and exclusive clubs spinning the latest beats. One of the nicest clubs in Amsterdam is called Jimmy Woo. You need to visit this club if you are in the mood to dress in your finest and dance the night away.

However, if you want to go somewhere a little more laid back, then you must try Paradiso in Leidseplein. This is a very chill club that features always features live music. This club is ideal for tourists who want to get a taste of Dutch nightlife without spending too much money.

If you are in the mood for something more unique to Amsterdam, then Odeon is the place to party. This club was established in an old church, and it is always throwing great themed parties. The plus side is that it is a little hidden and off the beaten track. Therefore, it is not frequented by many tourists.